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Welcome to the Talk To U Ranch Horse blog!

TTU Ranch HorseHi, my name is Willy.  I’ll be updating this page from time to time with my thoughts and pearls of wisdom about life as a horse.  I live on a ranch in California and really enjoy eating hay and going on trail rides with my owner, Sally.  My ranch is a wonderful place to live for a horse and has a riding arena, several pens, and a lovely barn that our staff keeps well maintained. Sally and I have lots of fun adventures together.  I am so lucky to have an owner like her who takes such good care of me. Sally makes sure that my vet, farrier and feed store are all close by.

I always dreamed about being in rodeos.  I think that big saddles with lots of silver decorations and cowboy hats are so cool.  It would be super to go on a cattle drive across the American West with the cowboys. Other times I wonder what it would be like to be a horse during the time the Spanish Conquistadors first came to America. I imagine it would be a dangerous and exciting time.

Sally and I are planning to work on our ranch riding, reining, and roping to enter some shows.  I like that the events are judged on natural terrain instead of the arena.  My favorite is the working cow horse, we really like it a lot.  Glad you stopped by and checked out my page, please come back again soon.  Wish us luck with all of our events!

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So check back when you get a chance. I’ll be here with updates, observations and some humorous thoughts on my day to day life here on the ranch. In the near future, I’m going to have some “guest speakers” which includes some of my friends & stable mates here in the barn. See you soon!

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